Patricia Selznick is an actress for film + commercials. Her latest short film 'Chocolates' premiered at the Soho International Film Festival in June of 2017. She was nominated for Best Actress for 'Chocolates' at the Kew Garden Festival of Cinema screening and won the 'Silver Whiskers Award' at the March 2018 screening of IndieWorks.

Behind the camera, Patricia recently was a producer on 'Con Spirito', a film about Elizabeth Bishop which shot on location at Vassar College.

Patricia has worked as a Producer's Assistant and Production Coordinator on SAG feature films, including the feature 'Cassanova Was a Woman'. She has also interned at a post-production house, PR firm and a news channel. Recently, her feature screenplay 'The Phoenix' won Best Unproduced Screenplay at the Northeast Film Festival and received Honorable Mention at the Women's Independent Film Festival.

She resides in NYC

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